CrossFit HQ Hire Me - Alex Detmering

Alex Detmering loves CrossFit. While training with the US Military Taekwondo team, Alex was introduced to a little workout called Fight Gone Bad.  A 3 five minute round workout that simulates an MMA fight. And that’s exactly how he felt after the workout was done, like he had been punched in the gut. That’s where his love for CrossFit began. 

Now Alex, a writer, really wants to work for CrossFit and he’s willing to do anything to land an interview with HQ. On August 29 at 8 AM PST, Live on YouTube, Alex will perform 4 burpees every minute on the minute until CrossFit calls him for an interview.

Watch his story in the video above and tune into his YouTube Channel on August 29, at 8 AM PST, to watch Alex take on the “Get Hired WOD.”

To find out more about Alex and his mission, use the following links:
[email protected]

Best of luck to Alex, this should be entertaining to say the least.