Three drills to improve your Olympic Lift


Olympic_liftLately it seems my box has added variations of the Clean and the Snatch into our workouts on a daily basis.

The acceleration, power, and coordination required for the clean is unrivaled by any other movement, with the exception of the snatch.  And it’s why I’ve been getting obsessed with getting the move down.

When Olympic weightlifting proper form is vital to achieve your full potential. The two main Olympic lifts are called the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. These complex movement demand athleticism beyond strength and power. Incorporating the clean to your exercise program will develop strength, power, speed, accuracy, agility, coordination, and balance.

Don McCauley of and a USA Weightlifting Regional Coach, has a great series of videos on YouTube that immediately improved my form and technique

I’ve found these videos to be the most helpful in my quest to perfect my Olympic Lifts.

Sweep the Bar

The 1st  video in the series is “Sweep the Bar”

In this video you will learn how to properly drive the bar from the floor.  As Don explains, many coaches don’t teach this step or don’t know how.  By not optimally getting the bar off the ground you give away the amount of weight you can lift.

Rock & Roll

The 2nd video is “Rock & Roll”

In this video you learn how to go through the pre-scoop, through the scoop and onto the power position to deliver the hips to the Snatch or Clean.  It’ll teach you how to lift with your hips rather than just knee extension.

Dirty Dancing

The last video in the series is “Dirty Dancing”

In this video you’ll see how the hips are supposed to properly extend and retreat during the acceleration of the bar and your transition to the catch position.

You can watch all three videos on our YouTube Channel.
I’ve also included a 4 part video to see these 3 drills in practice and to learn more about  the Catapult Technique.


photo credit: jontunn