5 Ways to Keep Your CrossFit Injury Free

5 Ways to Keep Your CrossFit Injury Free

adrian valenzuela_crossfit_open_2013
Photo Credit: adrian valenzuela via:Flickr
adrian valenzuela_crossfit_open_2013
Photo Credit: Adrian Valenzuela via:Flickr

The fact that CrossFit programs are designed to push the body to its utmost limit so as to achieve the highest degree of fitness often means that injuries can and do occur. As far as exercise programs are concerned, CrossFit is one of the most intense and demanding programs you will ever come across. So it is only logical it be injury prone since our bodies are not used to that level of exertion on a regular basis. But this does not mean that these injuries are unavoidable, no. There are steps that can be taken to greatly reduce the rate and sometimes even stop these injuries from occurring. We are going to examine some of the steps that anyone who does CrossFit workouts regularly can take to keep themselves from getting injured or at the very least minimize the rate of injury occurrence.  Follow these steps and you will enjoy CrossFit injury free.

Know your limit

It is in the human nature to be competitive and to want to be the best at whatever we do. Sometimes this competitiveness comes at a very high price. When it comes to CrossFit, doing too much way too fast is the surest way to getting yourself injured or even worse, permanently disabled. It is advisable to take it easy. Progression with time is what you need. Yes, everyone wants to look up and see that ‘RX’ staring back at them next to their own names. It’s a wonderful feeling that signifies your achievement, but none of us is born with that level of eliteness. It takes time to get there. So be patient and take slow but steady progression steps. This will help keep you from suffering permanent ligament or muscle damage as well as ward off common day to day injuries.

Intensity is good and so is regularity but your body needs the time to recover and rebuild.
Warm up and down

Most people just want to jump into the thick of things. It is not your fault, we live in an instant and microwave society after all. It is natural to want things fast. But when it comes to muscle movement and development, if you do not warm up before serious exercise as the kinds offered in CrossFit WOD’s, you will definitely get injured. You need to warm up thoroughly before exerting yourself and pushing your body to the limit. There are always suggested warm up exercises at CrossFit boxes but if you do not know what to do or are not sure, ask an instructor to help you out. Always warm up, stretch and warm down. These are just as important as the exercise itself.

Eat right

Remember, your body is working overtime here, you need to give it the gas that it needs to go the miles you are asking of it. Proper nutrition and constant hydration during, after and before working out will keep your CrossFit injury free.

Do the right thing

There are proper ways of carrying out different work-out routines. Although as far as CrossFit is concerned, routine can be the enemy. Your exercise combinations should be varied and creatively put together. This, however, does not mean that you go around making up styles and ways to lift weights. Follow the instructions and do the lifts and routines with the proper form.  If you want your CrossFit injury free, follow instructions and do the right thing. This not only keeps you injury free but it greatly improves your workout techniques as well.


It always amazes me when someone wants to ‘go’ all the time. Intensity is good and so is regularity but your body needs the time to recover and rebuild. Your rest days and your workout days are on the same level as far as importance is concerned. Do not skimp on this. The level of intensity in CrossFit workouts definitely takes a toll on everybody. You need to rest and sleep well. No less that eight hours of proper sleep each night. These rest days not only help your body rebuild, but they keep you injury free and facilitate better and higher energy when you do return.

These are simple enough instructions. Follow them and keep your CrossFit injury free.

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